Veterans' Benefits

Contact: Kimberly Jones, 541-867-8503, 


Note:  OCCC Veterans Educational Benefits are processed by Clatsop Community College.

The Veterans Coordinator is located in Student Services and provides assistance to veteran students and eligible dependents and the contracting collge regarding Veterans Educational Benfits. The Coordinator will help veterans and eligible dependents with VA educational contacts and policies as well as general college information or referrals. Initiating VA educational benefit checks generally takes 6-8 weeks. While an application is being processed, students should be prepared to meet the costs of attendance. A Deferred Payment Plan is offered to all qualified students by the Business Office to assist students in initial tuition costs.

Oregon Coast Community College is proud to welcome you and has a wide variety of programs to meet your interests. OCCC can help you prepare for transfer to a university, upgrade your job skills or prepare you for a new career. Programs at OCCC are approved by the State Board of Higher Education State Approving Agency as qualified training for students eligible for VA educational benefits. Our VA Certifying School Officials follow the VA rules and regulations for submitting enrollment certifications to the VA Regional Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, for benefit calculation and payment to student.

First Step - Any student who believes they may be eligible for Veterans Educational Benefits or are a dependent of a veteran should first complete the Veterans Administration’s online application. See How to Apply for Veterans Educational Benefits link below for detailed information.

Next Step - Refer to the Student’s Checklist for Veterans Educational Benefits below for further guidance on getting VA benefits started and review the second page for a listing of on and off campus resources.

Getting Started at OCCC

VA Educational Benefit Programs

How to Maintain Eligibility-mandatory reading for all receiving benefits!

Transferring Credits

Important VA Additional Information

Apply for Veteran and other Scholarships

VA Contact Numbers