OCCC Tutoring Center

Oregon Coast Community College provides FREE tutorial services for all students.

AVAILABLE SUBJECTS: Tutors are available in math, reading, writing, computer skills, GED, science, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Contact the Tutor Coordinator for more information at 541-867-8502 or tutoring.center@occc.cc.or.us

If you are interested in additional study material, look for your subject area in the link below 

Tutoring Subjects

TO REQUEST A TUTOR: Please complete a Tutor Request Form. You can find one outside of room 007 or at Student Services at Central Campus, and the front desk at North Center. Once you have completed the form please return it to the Tutor Coordinator during regular office hours. If you would like an electronic copy you can request one from the coordinator at tutoring.center@occc.cc.or.us

TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER: Volunteer tutors are always needed, and are welcome to join us at any time during the year. The only qualifications are a GED or High School Diploma, patience, and an ability to communicate effectively with a diverse population of individuals. If you would like to volunteer with our program please fill out a Volunteer Tutor Application. If you would like to volunteer please visit: http://oregoncoastcc.org/volunteer-tutor-program. When you have completed a Volunteer Tutor Application, simply return it to theTutor Coordinator and schedule an orientation to the program.

CAREER SERVICES: The Tutoring Center has a new neighbor! The Career and Transfer Readiness Center (CTRC) is open for business.  If you need help with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, or job search assistance then come see us in room 005 on Central Campus. The hours of operation are posted on the door and you can always come to the tutoring center for assistance as needed. The Tutor Coordinator now doubles as a certified Career Development Facilitator.


OCCC Tutoring Center

400 SE College Way, Newport Oregon 97366

Telephone: (541) 867-8502

Email: tutoring.center@occc.cc.or.us