Study Rooms

OCCC Library has four small study rooms and two group study rooms for students to use. Each of the small study rooms can seat up to four people. The two group study rooms require a minimum of three and a maximum of eight people for those who want to work together without disturbing other library patrons.

Study rooms may be reserved online by clicking on the Reserve Now button below. The first time you make a reservation, you will be asked to create an account username and password, which you will use each time you login to reserve a study room.

It is recommended that the reservation confirmation be printed out and brought to the library.


Study rooms are reservable by OCCC Students, Faculty and Staff.

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Study Room Policies

Oregon Coast Community College is committed to providing a safe, pleasant and productive environment for research and study. Failure to comply with the Library’s Study Room Use Policies may result in being asked by Library staff to leave the room and/or the Library. Disputes regarding room use and occupancy or refusal to follow Library staff directives regarding these policies may be permanently blocked from making reservations.
  • Study Rooms can be reserved online for two hours with a one hour renewal (if no one is waiting) for a maximum of 3 hours per day.
  • Reservations are limited to one per day. Multiple individuals in a group are not permitted to make multiple reservations in a day.
  • Study rooms may be reserved up to 14 days in advance.
  • Study rooms that are not occupied within 15 minutes after the start of the reservation may be forfeited.


--Three or more people constitute a group for purposes of using a group study room. If fewer than three individuals are not present in a group study room, the reservation maybe forfeited.

--Group Study Rooms are for priority use by current OCCC students. Others wishing to use or reserve a Group Study Room should inquire at a service desk.

--An individual cannot hold a group room waiting for the arrival of others for more than fifteen minutes.


--Study room privacy is not guaranteed.

--College staff members reserve the right to enter any group study room at any time without prior permission of the occupants.

--Any obstruction of the windows is prohibited. Windows must be closed when exiting.

--Occupants may not post signs (e.g., Occupied, Do Not Disturb, Keep Out, etc.).


--Occupants must conform to the College's policies for personal conduct as stipulated:

--All trash items must be placed in the trash cans before exiting.

--Smoking, sleeping, cooking, card playing, partying, painting, music, club meetings and/or any other activities disruptive to others are prohibited.--Noise levels from any conversations and/or equipment must not disturb others.

Personal Property

--Neither the Library nor the College is responsible for unattended, lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

--Unattended personal property cannot be used to hold a room by any individual or group.


--Occupants are prohibited from using any equipment that may cause a safety hazard (e.g., extended electrical cords, cables, cooking appliances, etc.)

--Furniture cannot be moved into or out of a room.