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Course # Name of Course Days Time Instructor Place Cr/Hr Tuition* Sec. # Notes
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
ART206 History of Western Art III TBA TBA F. Vassar OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
Introduction To Business TBA TBA B. Locker OL 4 / 44T $396 Z13  
BA211 Principles Of Accounting I TBA TBA C. Albiar OL 4 / 44T $396 Z13  
BA223 Principles of Marketing TBA TBA J. Engelke OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13 1
BA249 Retailing TBA TBA J. Engelke OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
Intro-Computer Info Systems TBA TBA T. Redwine OL 4 / 44T $396 Z23  
CSL107 Spreadsheets TBA TBA T. Redwine OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
Nutrition, Health and Safety TBA TBA G. Laman OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
English Literature-Renaissance TBA TBA J. Brown OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
HFS226 Growing Years: Child Develpmnt TBA TBA P. Eterno OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
HPE295 Health and Fitness For Life TBA TBA E. Bruce OL 3 / 33T $297 Z23 2, 3
HST102 History of Westrn Civilization TBA TBA L. Anand OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13 2, 4
HST202 History of The United States TBA TBA T. Jackson OL 3 / 33T $297 Z23 2, 3
History of the Oregon Trail TBA TBA D. Kaspar OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
LIB127 Information Research Skills TBA TBA C. Watkins OL 1 / 11T $99 Z13  
Human Nutrition TBA TBA G. Laman OL 4 / 44T $396 Z13 4
NUR080A Certified Nursing Assist-Pt. A (1/9/12-1/30/12) TBA TBA L. Mollino OL 3 / 50T $297 Z13 5, 6
PHL102 Ethics TBA TBA J. Sellars OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
American Government TBA TBA C. Coles OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13  
SP218 Interpersonal Communication TBA TBA J. Bishop OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13 2
English Composition-Argument TBA TBA E. Van Aelstyn OL 3 / 33T $297 Z23 7
WR123 English Composition-Resrch Wr. TBA TBA L. Jeffress OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13 8
WR227 Technical Report Writing TBA TBA J. McAlpine OL 3 / 33T $297 Z13 8


  1. Prerequisite: BA 101 recommended.
  2. Online course from Oregon Coast Community College. For more information about textbooks, course access and other information please go to on OCCC's web site.
  3. College level placement scores in Reading and in Writing.
  4. Prerequisite: College Level Placement scores for Reading and Writing
  5. Admission to Nursing Assistant Training required prior to registration. Call  541-867-8548  for information.
  6. Enrollment in NUR080B and NUR080C require to complete Nursing Assistant Training.
  7. Completion of WR121 with a grade of 'C' or better or a COMPASS score 100 or ASSET score 54
  8. COMPASS score 90 RD115 OR ASSET score 46 RD115

* Listed tuitions are based on in-state residency and do not include fees.