Nursing and Allied Health-Related Databases

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ArticleFirst Index of articles from the contents pages of over 16,000 journals.
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Including the respected Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, this database delivers up-to-date reference material as well as full-text magazines, journals, and pamphlets from a wide variety of authoritative medical sources. Additionally, consumers, students, and professionals are provided with descriptions of and links to many pertinent websites, selected for their usefulness and appropriateness. Home Access
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Multi-source database providing access to full-text of nursing and allied health journals, plus a wide variety of personal health information sources that offer reliable health information to researchers, including nursing and allied health students. The material contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only.
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Video Clips
The Intelecom collection is a digital repository of academic video clips - streamed on demand - for use in support of online, hybrid and face-to-face classes. Choose from a variety of video collections including biological sciences, oceanography, history, philosophy, psychology, political science, sociology, health, and environmental studies. New content is added on an ongoing basis. Home Access
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A Gale Cengage database. All aspects of the Nursing profession -- from direct patient care to health care administration -- are covered in this collection. Including nearly 400 titles, this collection's current and authoritative content will be of use to both professionals already working in the field as well as students pursuing a nursing-focused curriculum. Home Access
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ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health SourceTM  provides users with reliable healthcare information covering nursing, allied health, alternative and complementary medicine, and much more. This versatile database is designed to meet the needs of researchers at healthcare facilities as well as nursing and allied health programs at academic institutions. ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source provides abstracting and indexing for more than 1,070 titles, with over 890 titles in full-text, plus more than 12,300 full text dissertations representing the most rigorous scholarship in nursing and related fields. Home Access
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Designed to match the "nursing process" workflow, the interface is intuitive to students and facilitates connections between the content and clinical practice. This resource brings together respected medical titles from Gale and Macmillan with, thorough nursing-specific texts from Thomson Delmar.
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Symptom Media: Visual Learning for Behavioral Health Film clip library of clinical training vignettes including the newly released military centric series illustrates symptoms unfolding on screen and serves as an integral educational tool for “symptom recognition.” All training titles are produced with an experienced multi-disciplinary behavioral health team working in concert with professional scriptwriters, filmmakers and highly trained actors, facilitating a synergistic realism and clinical accuracy during the entire development process. Home Access
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WorldCat A huge catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide.
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