Foundation Board

The OCCC Foundation Board of Directors consists of a minimum of ten directors. Members serve
for three year terms and are elected by the membership. Officers of the Foundation are also
elected by the membership.  Board members do not have term limits and can chose to be
re-elected for additional terms.

Officers for 2014-15: Jamie Rand, President; Adam Springer, Vice President; David Bigelow, Treasurer and Megan Miller-Morgan, Secretary/Past President.

Members: Sharon Beardsley, Lance Beck, Chris Boyle, Brian Haggerty, Duane Peltier, Anne Stangeland, Wayne Tapp, and Theresa Wisner, Interim Foundation Executive Director (who also serves as the Interim Director of Development for the College),

Birgitte Ryslinge, OCCC President and OCCC Chief of Financial Operations are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Foundation Board.

OCCC Foundation Board Members

Jamie Rand



Adam Springer

Vice President



David Bigelow





Megan Miller-Morgan

Secretary/Past President

Theresa Wisner

Interim Director of Development

Interim Foundation Executive Director


Sharon Beardsley
Lance Beck


Chris Boyle

Brian Haggerty


Duane Peltier




Anne Stangeland




  Wayne Tapp

Patsy Buford

Director Emeritus

(Not Pictured)


Sherrie Cummins

Director Emeritus

*photos by Shannon Mae Photography