English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Student Profile – Joel Lorenzo

    I came to the USA for a chance, because in the USA there are a lot of opportunities, like getting a job, studying, or choosing a goal.  I am from Guatemala and only went to school until the 4th grade because I had to work to help support my family.  I never thought I would have a chance to continue my education again. When I first came to the USA I even couldn't say “hi" in English or even ask for something if I needed it, but thanks to God and OCCC, I started going to English classes. My first class was so hard because, I didn't know how to write or speak in English.  I went for a few weeks but I stopped, because it was hard for me.  But after time away I came back and now I am learning and I'm improving my English.  Now I can say more than '"Hi".  Now, if I want or need something I can ask for it in English. I have come a long way with my English. Now, my next goal is to get my GED.  Thank you OCCC and the ESOL program for giving me a chance to go back to school and plan for my future.

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