Mathematics at Oregon Coast Community College

Oregon Coast students describe their experiences with learning Mathematics with ALEKS

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ALEKS has not replaced face-to-face instruction as the assigned instructors and an instructional assistant work individually with students on topics as needed. Transfer level Mathematics (MTH 111 College Algebra and higher) is still taught in the traditional lecture format. ALEKS includes the use of video/audio, text, an electronic textbook and class workbooks, in addition to the instructor and instructional assistant.

Unlike the traditional lecture format locked to set topic schedules for each week of the term-- topics which some students may have mastered, but are too challenging for others who need more time-- ALEKS helps students to focus on the skills they have not mastered as it builds on what they already know. ALEKS is accessible from any computer with web access so that students can work on skill topics outside of class at time convenient for them.

ALEKS also contains powerful tools for instructors to assist, monitor and assess student progress. 

In Mathematics classes at Oregon Coast, students are encouraged to ask questions and seek assistance at every opportunity. Instructors are here to help and guide students to success. Students also can request additional tutoring assistance. Oregon Coast looks forward to further refinements of the Mathematics placement process and to improvements in mathematics instruction in the terms ahead. 

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