GED Testing


Registering for GED Testing

  • Go to the GED Testing Services website at or
  • Sign up for My GED.
  • Provide the information requested.
  • Watch the short video for information.


Making an Appointment for Testing

  • Locate a testing center.
  • Check the testing schedule.
  • Choose an appointment day and time.
  • Pay for the test (Credit or Debit card, Voucher). 


Current GED Testing Schedule (Currently only in Newport)

  • Wednesday:      8:15 - 11:45
  • Thursday:          1:15 - 4:45

GED Testing Fees

  • The fee for each test is $38.00.
  • During the years 2014 and  2015, a testing candidate will be able to take two restests per subject area (8 total). The re-take fee will be discounted to $10.00. (This fee may be different or not available in other states.) When the special re-take discount rate expires, the fee for each re-take will increase to $38.00.
  • All initial and re-take fees are paid when a testing appointment is made. 


Arriving for Your Test

  • Please arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled test appointment.
  • Please bring a valid government issued picture I.D. (I.D. should include D.O.B., address and signature). 
  • Check in at the Student Services counter.
  • Follow the directions given you to the GED testing waiting area.
  • Read and sign the Candidate Rules Agreement.
  • Wait quietly and listen for your name to be called.

Candidates that are 16 and 17 years of age, will need to provide proof of one of the following requirements in order to take the GED test.

  • A Release from Compulsory Attendance from last high school attended.
  • Be a student in the GED Options program.
  • Married.
  • Legally emancipated.

Candidates should refrain from bringing to the testing center large items such as backpacks, purses, laptops and other electronics, notebooks and books. Your personal items must fit in small lockers provided to you during testing. You will be asked to remove large watches and other large jewelry items before entering the testing room. The only things candidates need to bring to the testing center is their I.D. and car keys (if applicable).

This webpage will be updated as additional information becomes available.  If you have any questions, please contact Cheryle Burkhart, the Testing Specialist, at  541-867-8505. 


To obtain a copy of a GED certificate or a GED transcript earned in 2013 or before, go here.

For information regarding GED preparation classes, please contact Patricia DiGiulio at 541-867-8557 for classes at the Central Campus in Newport or Julie Reynolds-Otrugman at 541-996-6222, ext. 211 for classes at the North County Center in Lincoln City.