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Oregon Coast Community College was very excited to start
classes in fall of 2009, especially from a facilities standpoint.
Why? Because, our president and board of education had
elected to build the College's new buildings to the U.S Green Building
council LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)
Silver rating. Below is a description of a “Green building” and
the benefits to our students, staff, and visitors to our facilities.

Green schools cost less to operate, freeing up resources to truly
improve students’ education. Their carefully planned acoustics and
abundant daylight make it easier and more comfortable for students
to learn. Their clean indoor air cuts down sick days and gives our
students a head start for a healthy, prosperous future. And their
innovative design provides a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities.

All three of the facilities, the Central County Campus and the South
and North County Centers, were built to the Silver LEED criteria, and
we are applying for the LEED certification on our largest building. Some
of the unique attributes of these buildings are: abundant operable windows for fresh air and cooling, state of the art boilers and HVAC controls, high efficiency lighting controls and fixtures, and much more.

Our main campus buildings are constructed for convenience as well. All the many academic and administrative features are under one roof. This avoids the rain soaked dash from one building to another as found in other campuses. This also enhances security by limiting access points and providing long sight lines. We will also monitor the building with closed circuit cameras and recording devices.

There are large areas for group study and activities and quiet places for study and contemplation. Our setting in a new sustainable designed neighborhood nestled in a coastal forest is not only beautiful but tranquil.

Lincoln County can be proud of Oregon Coast Community College's buildings. Come in for a tour today and see for yourself!


For questions about Facilities and Safety, please contact Russ Engle at 541-867-8549 or email rengle@occc.cc.or.us.