Volunteer Tutor Program

What is the OCCC Volunteer Tutor Program?
The OCCC Tutoring Center is an expanding organization that relies on volunteers from our community to provide academic support services to Oregon Coast Community College students.

The Tutoring Center is always taking applications for Volunteer Tutors in Lincoln County.

We are looking for anyone who is willing to help students to improve skills in mathematics, reading, writing, science, ESOL, GED, computers, study skills, resumes, other subject areas and life skills. Tutoring services are just one of the many ways OCCC is able to provide support to our growing population of credit and non-credit students.

NEW VOLUNTEERS are always needed, and are welcome to join us at any time during the year. The only qualifications are a GED or High School Diploma, patience, and an ability to communicate effectively with a diverse population of individuals from a variety of age groups, cultures, and backgrounds.

Please fill out a Volunteer Tutor Application ( volunteer_tutor_application_form.pdf ) and call the Tutor Coordinator to make an appointment for an intake interview and information session.

TUTORING SESSIONS must take place at an OCCC campus during regular hours if schedules allow or at a local library if necessary. Once the first session is set up by the coordinator, and both parties are willing to schedule future appointments, it is recommended that the student and tutor exchange contact information (telephone or email addresses) to maintain communication.

For a better understanding of how the adult brain works please watch this video:How the Brain Works: What Every Tutor Should Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwDHpP91nC8

THOSE WANTING A TUTOR should contact the Tutor Coordinator in Room 52 at Central County Campus or by telephone or email address listed below. Regular Office Hours are from 9:00am until 2:00pm, Moday through Thursday. Tutor Request Forms can be found at Student Services or outside of Room 52 at Central County Campus in South Beach. The Request forms can be sent to you via email request and returned through intercampus mail from the North or South County Centers if needed.


Tutor Coordinator

Mailing address: 400 SE College Way, Newport, Oregon 97366

Telephone: 541-867-8502
E-mail: tutoring.center@occc.cc.or.us