Midterm Academic Progress Report

  • Midterm Academic Progress Report

  • OCCC instructors use Mid-Term Academic Progress Report (MAP) forms as an early warning system to report students who may be in academic jeopardy or failure due to a variety of reasons. Each term, an email reminder is sent to instructors to inform them about MAP procedure. MAP forms are normally completed between the fourth and sixth week of the term to allow sufficient time for appropriate follow-up with the students.

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  • Stay On Course! Your academic progress is your personal responsibility. Be strategic. Think about your GPA. Remember, you must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to remain eligible for financial aid. Master self-management by making sure you understand the impact of all your decisions on your financial aid. Believe in yourself and your ability to make wise choices. We believe in you too! Employ interdependence by asking Student Services for help. If you have questions stop by or call us at 541-867-8501.

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