Home Health Aide Program

The Oregon Coast Community College Home Health Care Aide Training Program is a 44-hour course
fulfilling the requirements for certification as a Home Health Care Aide. The course combines online
classroom instruction, laboratory skill instruction, and supervised hands-on clinical experiences.

This course builds on the skills learned in the CNA 1 program and assists the student in learning theory content and mastering skills that are needed in the home care and assisted living setting. Students must also be able to meet physical requirements, engage in therapeutic communication, and deal with stressful interpersonal situations. The course consists of approximately 20 hours in the onine classroom and 12 hours in the  skills laboratory setting and 12 hours in the assisted living setting, with a possibility of additional practice hours in the home care setting.

Eligibility & General Information
Applications will be accepted for a period prior to the start of each term. Only complete applications will be accepted, including the immunizations (with the exception of the Hepatitis B series), CPR, Background Check, and Drug Screening.

Class Dates, Times, & Locations
The lecture is onlne and the skills portion of the course will take place at the OCCC Central County Campus in Newport, 400 SE College Way, in Nursing Skills Lab.

The clinical experience is 12 hours in length and will be held at Sea Aire Assisted Living Center. Hours and days will vary from term to term. Each clinical day will be for six hours with one half-hour for a meal break. Depending on availability students may be given the opportunity to make some home health visits with a staff member.

Application Forms

Fall 2012 Home Health Aide Application

Home Health Aide Policy Manual

Potentially Disqualifying Crimes and Permanently Disqualifying Crimes


CPR certification is required.  CPR classification must be Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers.  Classes are available through the American Heart Association or contact the Yachats Fire Department at 541-547-3266 for more information.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Home Health Aide Scholarships


Home Health Aide Faculty & Staff Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Health Aide Program Curriculum Map

Career Pathways

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Students interested in entering the home health aide certificate program should make an appointment to meet with an OCCC advisor for initial and complex advising questions. If you’d like to schedule an advising appointment at Central County Center in Newport, call (541-867-8501). Academic advising is available at the North County Center in Lincoln City (541-996-6222) and the South County Center in Waldport (541-563-4502) by appointment only.

Home Health Aide Certificate Program:

If you have specific questions about OCCC’s Home Health Aide Program and application requirements, please contact the Nursing and Allied Health Office by phone at (541) 867-8548 or email lmollino@occc.cc.or.us.