Grading Procedures

Oregon Coast Community College Grading Definitions -           2013-2014 

By the first class meeting, students will be provided a course syllabus for each credit class in which they are enrolled. The course syllabi will provide required and recommended course syllabus components established in the Office of Instruction Syllabus Template. Students who understand the objectives and know how well they have done in achieving them will not be disappointed with their grades.

Graded work is based on the following guidelines (grade point value is also indicated):

A - Excellent (4.0)

1. Scores superior on examinations and/or assignments.

2. Shows independent thinking in terms of the subject matter of the course.

3. Shows a grasp of the relationships among various parts of the subject.

4. Asks questions which are appropriate and which stimulate relevant discussion by the instructor and/or students.

5. Complies with the stated performance regulations of the instructor.

B - Commendable (3.0)

1. Scores above average on examinations and/or assignments.

2. Presents sound ideas on subject matter of the course.

3. Shows a grasp of the general organization of the subject matter.

4. Asks appropriate questions which clarify the presentation of the subject.

5. Complies with the stated performance regulations of the instructor.

C - Satisfactory (2.0)

1. Scores average on examinations and does average work on assignments.

2. Presents evidence of a grasp of the subject matter of the course.

3. Asks relevant questions.

4. Complies with the stated performance regulations of the instructor.

D - Minimal (1.0)

1. Scores below average on examinations; completes assignments at below average level, or fails to complete them.

2. May follow the course of discussion by others, but contributes little.

3. Shows some grasp of portions of the subject matter but little grasp of the overall picture.

4. Complies with the stated performance regulations of the instructor.

F - Unacceptable (0.0)

1. Scores unsatisfactory on examinations; completes assignments at an unsatisfactory level or fails to complete them.

2. Shows little or no grasp of the subject matter.

3. Does not comply with the stated performance regulations of the instructor.

Aud – Audit (N/A)

Students may register for audit if they do not wish to receive credit for a course.  To audit a class, students ask the instructor if he/she could audit the class. This request must be made within the first three weeks of the term.  The instructor must email the Registrar the name of the class to be audited and the name of the students auditing the class. The following conditions apply to Course Audits:

1. Some courses may not allow auditors.

2. An audit does not satisfy requirements for enrollment status for Veterans, Social Security benefits, or for Financial Aid. 

3. An audit course does not satisfy requirements for entry into courses where prerequisites are specific.  For example, auditing WR 121 will not satisfy the prerequisite for WR 122.

4. Scholarships or funding from outside agency sources may be adversely affected by auditing a course.

5. Registration, tuition and fees are the same as for all credit courses.

6. Changing from audit to credit requires instructor approval. This change must be completed by the seventh week of the academic Term, except for Summer Quarter, where changes must be made by the end of the fifth week.  Instructor must email the Registrar any change within the stated parameters.

P - Pass (N/A)

Students may earn credit for a course which is graded on a pass/no credit basis.

1. The P grade denotes a level of accomplishment of "C" or higher.

2. Students may apply a maximum of 24 credits of "pass" grades toward a degree.

SP – Satisfactory Progress (N/A)

Student has made appropriate progress toward course skill outcomes in a course for which well-defined skill progress standards are established. This grade is available only in courses so designated. This grade denotes progress sufficient to qualify for financial aid, but is not included in the computation of the GPA. The student must re-enroll in the course in a subsequent term to earn a final completion grade and for the course to qualify as a prerequisite for enrollment in courses requiring mastery of skill outcomes. 

Note:  Student may receive a grade of  SP only once for any course that is designated as a Pass or No Pass credit class.

I - Incomplete

An instructor may award an incomplete if a student has completed at least 70 percent of the course work and shown an intent to finish the required work. An instructor will provide the student with a statement describing the work needed to complete the

course, and a copy of such statement will be maintained by the Enrollment Services Coordinator in Student Services.

1. An incomplete does not imply an offer of tuition-free reenrollment in the class.

2. Students will be allowed a maximum of one academic term to correct deficiencies noted on the statement of incomplete status.(Fall Term, Winter Term, Summer Term) Incompletes received for Spring term will be allowed until the end of Fall Term to correct noted deficiencies.

3. Under extenuating circumstances as approved by the Chief Academic Affairs Officer, students may be allowed an extension beyond the deadlines noted above for finishing an incomplete.

4. Incompletes are temporary notations. If courses are not completed within the specified time frames, an instructor-designated grade will be issued.

NC - No Credit

A designation used for non-passing work in a pass/no credit class.

W - Withdrawal

A student-initiated withdrawal. Students must withdraw by dates specified in the academic calendar.

Z - Failing, Did Not Complete Course (0.0)


Student did not attend or participate in the course enough to demonstrate any level of performance and failed to complete a student initiated withdrawal.

Grade Point Averages

Grade point averages are computed on the basis of four points for each credit of A, three points for each credit of B, two points for each credit of C, one point for each credit of D, and zero p­oints for each credit of F. Marks of I, M, N, R, and X are disregarded in the computation of the grade point average. The grade point average is the total number of grade points divided by the total number of credits in which A, B, C, D, and F are received. 

Courses with grades of D or F may be repeated for a higher grade. All grades e­arned will appear on the transcript. However, when a course is repeated, the first grade will be changed to an R and no longer included in the GPA calculation or the accumulated total credits. The first earned grade of C or better will count into the GPA calculation and the accumulated credit total.

Grade Point Values

Grade   Points
A Excellent 4
B Commendable 3
C Satisfactory 2
D Minimal 1
F Unacceptable 0
Aud Audit 0
I Incomplete 0
P Pass 0
SP Satisfactory Progress 0
NC No Credit 0
W Withdraw 0
R Repeat 0
Z Failing, Did Not Complete Course 0


Honor Roll Designations

OCCC recognizes academic excellence in students who have earned a 3.25 or higher grade point average (GPA) on a minimum of six graded credits in a given term.

Honor Roll (degree seeking, 12 or more graded credits) 3.50 - 3.74
Dean's List (degree seeking, 12 or more graded credits) 3.75 - 4.00
*Highest Honors 3.50 - 3.74
*Highest Honors 3.75 - 4.00
*Awarded at graduation based on cumulative GPA 

Grade Assignment

Instructors may use only the grades of A, B, C, D, F, and the marks of I (for incompletes), P, SP and NC (for approved courses), and AUD (for audits). Instructors may not use W or Z, as only the Enrollment Services Coordinator can assign these.

Withholding Grades

Oregon Coast Community College reserves the right to withhold issuance of grades, transcripts, or diplomas to students who have not met their obligations to the college.

Grade Discrepancies and Changes

In order to correct a recording error or grading discrepancy, students must notify their instructor within 90 days of the receipt of the grade report. If a student has repeated a course, it is the student’s responsibility to notify Enrollment Services so that it will be properly recorded.