Current OCCC Vision and Mission


To be Lincoln County's most effective educational resource for individual, community, and economic development.



To provide personalized service:

For Individuals

  • Programs for adults of all ages and economic levels;
  • Learning opportunities for personal growth and self-worth;
  • Transfer, Vocational, and community education classes throughout the county;
  • Local college educational alternatives for young people;
  • Tuition and fees at reasonable levels;
  • Grant and scholarship opportunities.

For Community

  • Cultural enrichment;
  • Development of human resources within the county;
  • Focus on higher education degree programs;
  • Local resource utilization;
  • Community service.

For Business and Industry

  • Small business assistance;
  • Educational support for economic development;
  • Partnerships with local organizations;
  • Programs to upgrade employee skills


Adopted by the OCCC Board of Education: January 11, 1988 Revised: February 21, 2006




♦  We value knowledge and believe learning has infinite worth with personal, social, and cultural benefits.

♦  We value the sharing of our acquired knowledge to enhance the intellectual growth and lives a our students and the communities we serve.

♦  We value the enlightenment of education, the perception of eternal beauty, the quest for eternal truth, and the recognition of eternal good.

♦  We value consensus. We believe decisions regarding the effective delivery of knowledge will best serve the college when such issues are discussed and refined within a framework of positive collaboration.

♦  We value an academic environment of goodwill that indudes fairness, diversity, honesty, ethics, and personal responsibility. We believe tolerance and mutual respect are essential for effective learning to occur.

♦  We believe the communities we serve-students, faculty, staff, and the public who benefit from this academic environment should participate fully in creating an appropriate setting for life-long learning.

Adopted by the Council of Curriculum and lnstruction: October 4, 2001