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Who can take classes in the CPE? Students who want to improve their
basic skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, or study skills. Many students
in transfer or professional/technical courses take CPE classes to meet
program prerequisite requirements. All students wanting to take CPE
reading or writing classes must first take the COMPASS Test. For COMPASS
Test information and/or appointments,please contact The Testing Center
(867-8505) or Student Services (867-8503).
Note: Some additional assessment in the CPE during orientation is
required for accurate placement.) It is highly recommended that
students take no more than six CPE credits per term. Students are
encouraged not to take mathematics courses simultaneously with CPE

Quotes From CPE Students

I came to OCCC for a mid-life career change due to a work-related injury. At first I was filled with anxiety and felt intimated going to back to school in my 50’s.

I began by first term with classes that included College-Prep English/Study Skills classes: College Survival and Success (HD 100) and Academic Reading & Thinking (RD 115). Anyone who is starting out should take College Survival and Success because it prepares him/her to be a better student in other classes.

RD 115 has helped me discover not only do I have a new and better understanding of what I read, but I can now express myself in a more sophisticated way. My confidence has grown in both my school life and personal life. I look forward to going to school every day. My teachers are terrific. They are easy to approach and do whatever they can to help me succeed.

I look forward to earning my AA degree here at OCCC. At 53 years of age, I feel going back to school at OCCC is the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

Claudia Whalen

OCCC Student, Spring 2010