At OCCC we live and learn together in an intentional community in which students and faculty care about each other as guided by the College’s Mission Statement which encompasses a philosophy of liberal arts education and the goal for our graduates to improve our world. Each of us has a responsibility to the other to live with integrity, to act in ways that are fair and just, to resolve conflicts, to be responsible stewards of our environment and to participate in governance. Our life together is further guided by the practices and procedures listed here.

Academic Policies

Accessibility / ADA

Children and Pets

Computer Use Guidelines

Crime Awareness and Campus Security

Equal Opportunity

Grievance Procedure

Gender-Based & Sexual Misconduct Policy



Integrated Pest Management

Medical Emergency Policy


Services for Students with Disabilities

Sex Offender

Sources of Information

Student Discipline / Guidelines for Student Conduct

Student Records and FERPA

Student Right-to-Know

Title IX Policy

Tobacco Free Campuses

Use of Social Security Numbers

OCCC Board of Education Policy Manual