OCCC has an open admission policy that welcomes all interested applicants, regardless of educational background, who can benefit from the variety of instructional programs offered. The courses and programs are designed to meet the personal needs and career goals of students sixteen years of age and older. 

Lincoln County School District (LCSD) high school juniors and seniors over 16 years of age may apply for admission to OCCC’s Expanded Options, with tuition paid by LCSD, in order to earn simultaneously college credit and units toward high school graduation. (See Expanded Options Program)

Dual high school and college enrollment, dual credit for selected professional/technical courses, and College Now (advanced credit) opportunities are in place for Lincoln County School District juniors and seniors.

Any adult with the necessary prerequisite skills or courses may enroll for college-level credit courses in a variety of subject areas. Applicants should meet with an academic advisor to plan their educational program. Many courses require a formal assessment and placement using the COMPASS placement test, completion of prerequisite courses, or instructor’s consent prior to enrolling. Students who are new to college should refer to OCCC's New Student Checklist to get started at OCCC. Transfer students should follow the steps listed on the Transfer Student Checklist. There is also a Returning Student Checklist for students who have previously earned credits at OCCC. 

Students under the age of 16 may be allowed to take classes offered by OCCC. Permission is needed from the College, the high school district in which the student resides, and the student’s parents. (See Underage Student Admission Policy)

The College reserves the right to refuse to register students under 16 years of age. Students enrolled in high school and college simultaneously must have a Dual Enrollment form completed by their high school official prior to enrolling if they want high school credit for college courses. These forms are available from Student Services.

Basic skills courses are designed to provide adult students with the opportunity to improve their mathematics, writing, and reading skills in preparation for transferable credit courses. These courses are for students 16 years of age or older. These courses are not appropriate for academic remediation for in-school youth under 16 years of age.

Students over the age of 18, or students over the age of 16 with a letter of release from a high school district, may enroll in GED preparation classes. However, these programs are not designed to provide a comprehensive four-year high school experience for youth under the age of 16 who fall within the jurisdiction and responsibility of a high school district.

Non-credit classes are generally designed for adult students. Courses which have specific requirements, or that allow children (normally with an attendant adult), will be so designated in the class schedules.  For the non-credit admission and registration form please click here.