Approved by Board of Education:       02/23/2015
REFERENCES:  ORS 654.003 – 654.022, ORS 654.176, ORS 654.182, OAR 437-001-0765, OAR 437-002-0020 to -0081, OAR 437-002-0100, OAR 437-002-0140 to 0145, OAR 437-002-0180 to -0187, OAR 437-002-0260 to -0268, OAR 437-002-0360 to 0391

It is the policy of OCCC to ensure a safe and healthful campus for all its employees and students. The College will maintain an effective health and safety program that involves all employees in the effort to eliminate workplace hazards. It is the responsibility of all staff to work safely and participate in a manner that helps prevent workplace injuries and illness.

Safe buildings, grounds and equipment will be maintained in order to prevent accidents or injury to students, employees and others from fire, natural disasters, mechanical and electrical malfunction and other hazards.

Buildings will be planned, constructed, equipped and maintained in accordance with appropriate local, state and federal safety regulations. Buildings will be provided with alarm systems, fire extinguishers and other safety devices required by state and federal laws and regulations. The President or designee will develop and implement a safety program which will include, but not be limited to, compliance with and enforcement of all state and federal laws, rules and regulations.